Welcome to Centennial Cambridge!



At Centennial, we believe in community.  Together we support and challenge each other to find our greatness. This year promises to be an exciting one for all the students and staff at Centennial. We are committed to helping you, the students, achieve your personal best in academics, athletics, self-regulation and social skills.

We strive for a positive school climate. We believe in  justice, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, and equity for each and every student. Together, as a school community of staff, students and parents, we will work to achieve these goals.

You have the opportunity this year to set new goals for yourself, to choose what’s most important and work hard to make change happen. By acting responsibly, sharing, caring, and co-operating with others, you can be an important part of the Centennial community. Be your best self. Get involved, learn from your mistakes and make a difference.

Have a fantastic year!